Creating a Vapaus account

Follow these instructions and registration should go nicely. If at any point you need help, don’t hesitate to call us  045 7877 5728 or e-mail us at


Step 1: Go to

It’s recommended that you save it to your bookmarks and your smartphone home screen so that you can book a vehicle in the future as smoothly as possible.


Step 2: Start creating your account by clicking ‘’Luo itsellesi Vapaus-tunnus tästä’’.


Step 3: Choose a username (the name of your organization doesn’t have to be a part of it). The minimum number of characters is 6. Choose a safe password as you will be using this username in the future when signing in. Insert the password again in the lower text box and click ‘’Luo Vapaus-tunnus’’.


Step 4: Read terms and conditions of the service and click ‘’Hyväksyn käyttöehdot’’.


Step 5: Now you are registered and signed in. However, you aren’t able to see vehicles assigned to a specific organization only with username. This is why you need to add a comfirmed cost center, e-mail address or social security number. Let’s start by clicking ‘’Asetukset’’ in the upper right corner.


Step 6: Your personal settings page alerts about missing a e-mail address. Click ‘’Lisää sähköpostiosoite’’.


Step 7: Insert your e-mail adress. Please use your professional e-mail address here (for example, so that you can see your employer’s vehicles. Click ‘’OK’’.


Step 8: Now your e-mail is added to your account but it still needs to be confirmed. Go to your inbox and click ‘’Varmenna heti’’. You can do this part later as well but remember that you are able to see the vehicles only after confirming your e-mail address.


Step 9: You have received a confirmation code in your e-mail. Copy and paste the 6 digit code into the text box. If you didn’t receive an e-mail, please wait for a few minutes and check your trash bin. Once you have inserted the code click ‘’OK’’.


Step 10: Your contact information are confirmed! Click ‘’OK’’.


Step 11: Now you can return to ‘’Varaukset’’. Now that your e-mail has been confirmed you can move on to choose your service provider by clicking ‘’Selaa palveluntarjoajia’’.


Step 12: You can see a list of service providers whose vehicles you can book from Vapaus platform. Since you have given your professional e-mail address you should be able to see your employer. Click the box in order to choose your default service provider.


Now you have successfully registered your account in the Vapaus booking system, confirmed your e-mail address and chosen default service provider. Next you can move on to book a vehicle!


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