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Emilie Calmettes

It’s been over two years now since the Finnish legislation has changed and enabled tens of thousands of happy employees to benefit from tax deductions when getting their dream bike.

For us at Vapaus it has been a super rewarding journey to create meaningful change in people’s lives, and we’re happy to share that we’re now going to be able to do even better, for all of you!

Introducing Vapaus Plans

These past few years, we have had the chance to work with every type of employer around Finland: those who were already heavily promoting cycling, those who were taking their first steps (with training wheels!), but also those who had never given it a thought and were taken by surprise when their employees started asking for the benefit.

They all had one thing in common: they wanted for their team to be able to take advantage of the new legislation and start cycling more. But even with the best sentiment in the world, every company has different needs that need to be addressed.

Because of all our customers’ different contexts and worries, our product became limited by its flexibility. To be able to continue providing the best experience in Finland and beyond, we’re fixing that just now with our new 3 product plans: Vapaus Starter, Vapaus Pro & Vapaus Enterprise.

Vapaus Starter: now everyone can get a benefit bike!

Vapaus Starter is a simple, easy-to-buy product which will always stay free for employers.

“There’s no budget for the benefit” is not anymore a valid excuse not to get Vapaus for your team, find something new 😉

In Vapaus Starter, we have included the most requested value from small and medium businesses: a fast onboarding with clear steps for both employers and employees. 

To be able to offer a free option for employers, we’ve had to include our service fees into the bike leasing contracts directly. Whilst this means lower purchase discounts on average for our Starter plan beneficiaries than for others, it is still a great option to finance your bike and take advantage of the tax benefit.

Vapaus Pro: a classic, now standard

Vapaus Pro is the 2023 version of the classic benefit bike product. Including bikes up to 4.000€ and with attractive interest rates, it is the closest to what Vapaus has offered so far.

The twist? We have now simplified it to the essentials. Our research has shown that diverting from the defaults creates a lack of clarity on the benefit (which, let’s be honest, is complicated enough to understand as it is) and often delays bike orders by several days.

We have therefore gone through our data and created the Pro plan to match the smartest requirements possible: a perfect balance between the most commonly used parameters and those used by our customers with the highest conversion rates.

Vapaus Enterprise: a premium experience

We wouldn’t dare forget about those of you working in large companies with strict processes to be met and teams across many different locations or departments. Vapaus Enterprise was created specifically to meet your needs.

Of course all our (amazing) customers get access to the Vapaus technology and care, but as a large Enterprise client you get just a little bit more of everything: a dedicated launch event, your own Customer Success Manager, additional content and event opportunities. We will be with you every step of the way to make sure that your benefit program is a success.

Additionally, Enterprise customers will get access to a few premium options to choose from: bikes up to 6.000€, monthly payments up to 150€, various invoicing schemas and even custom development projects. All the flexibility of the Vapaus technology into one packaged plan.

Download our service description and compare the different plans to find out which one would best suit your needs.”

It’s time to get on board!

With over 6 years of working with employers and our own bike experts and workshop, Vapaus is the most experienced bike benefit provider in Finland. Our technology, strong of several years of iteration, is the most efficient and secure you’ll find. We’ll scale with you across Europe if you’ll take us on the ride.

All plans are available today already, so don’t wait up and get started before Finnish summer swoops under our noses!

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