Wärtsilä has 10 city bikes which are free to use for any employee. Reservation of the bicycles is done through web application app.vapaus.io. Don’t use the bikes without reservation!

With any questions regarding the Wärtsilä city bike, you can contact

Customer service: +358 45 7877 5728 / service@vapaus.io


Mikko Ampuja: +358 50 306 7000 / mikko@vapaus.io

You can create your own username and password at app.vapaus.io. Remember to use your work email address! The same website works with a computer or a mobile device. Tip: save the address on your mobile desktop!

The service is entirely carbon negative.

A few important issues

  • Cycle as much as you can, it's good for you and the environment!
  • Remember to return the vehicles on time
  • You can reserve the bicycle for maximum of 6 hours
  • You can reserve the vehicles a week before use, not earlier
  • If you notice a problem with the vehicle, report it through the app or via email or telephone
  • The are parked at the indoor bicycle park downstairs
  • Use a helmet! You can borrow one from the reception.

How to use the app

  • Use the username and password you created during registration
  • Choose the desired start and ending time
  • Click “varaa nyt” and confirm by clicking “vahvista varaus” if the information is correct. You can also check the location of the bicycle.
  • The vehicle is now reserved for you. You will receive a confirmation via email and the code required to unlock the vehicle is presented on the screen.
  • The vehicles are locked with a combination lock, similar to those found on standard suitcases. When the right code is set, the lock opens by pressing the button on the side of the lock cylinder. Remember to lock the vehicle by scrambling the code digits – as you would with a suitcase lock!
  • Remember to return the vehicle on time!
  • If you face any problems, call +358 45 7877 5728