Team up with the most wanted bike benefit

As a Vapaus partner, you get to do what you do best – sell bicycles – while we take care of benefit-related admin work. It's so easy that cyclists can take their benefit bike to go from the first visit.

Reasons to join the partner network

300+ local bike shops, online stores and bicycle brands are already our partners.

Sell more bikes

195 000+ people all around Finland are entitled to get a benefit bike through Vapaus. When they do, your shop could be the first place they visit.

Simple process & easy invoicing

Handling benefit bike customers couldn’t be easier. Our platform and support take care of the customer before and after purchase.

Additional visibility

We like to highlight our bike shop partners as much as we can. You can even discuss marketing collaboration outside of the Finnish market.

How you can become a vapaus partner

Get additional visibility and sales. Joining our partner network is a real no-brainer.


Click the button below and send the partner application form.


We check your information and make sure that we’re a good match. This usually takes 3-5 working days.


We ask you to sign a contract and onboard you to our service. Now you can start delivering Vapaus bikes!

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You’re in good company

Feedback from our bike-loving friends

Find out what Vapaus partners value about working with us, and what kind of an impact we have had on their business.
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benefit bikes sell

Joining Vapaus’ partner network is a smart move - you have nothing to lose.



the most common benefit bike type

3200 €

average benefit bike retail value

195 000+

people entitled to the benefit

Vapaus benefit bike - Apply to become a Vapaus partner

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We’re always looking for bike shops that live for bikes and high service quality. Check out our requirements and apply to become a Vapaus partner.

Frequently asked questions

Not sure yet? Check if you can find answers to your concerns below. If not, talk to us.

Employee bike benefit is a way for employer organisations to offer their employees a cost effective way to get a bicycle. Vapaus benefit bike users (the employees of an organisation) can get their benefit bike from all Vapaus partner bike shops – and yours could be one of them! Apply to become a Vapaus partner
When you become a Vapaus partner, you get access to a pool of 195 000+ employees authorized to order a benefit bike. We keep the admin work to a minimum and are constantly working to make the process smoother for you and the customer. We also highlight our bike shop partners, bringing you additional local visibility and sales. Apply to become a Vapaus partner
You can partner up with as many benefit bike partners as you like – and we recommend you do so. However, if you want to start with just one and keep admin work to a minimum, Vapaus offers the biggest and most active potential customer pool that helps maximise your revenue from benefit bikes. Apply to become a Vapaus partner
We have a few requirements for partners to make sure that everything works smoothly and that the end customer has a great experience. 1) We sign a contract with each partner shop. 2) Partners must deliver the bikes with data-secure and professional technical practices and a good service level. 3) Partners must record all invoiced sales in Vapaus' portal and invoice according to the instructions. 4) Partners must accept and act according to our Ethical Guidelines for Suppliers.
As a Vapaus partner, you gain access to thousands of potential customers, a simple benefit bike management platform, and joint marketing opportunities. To make sure we can provide the best service to both you and (y)our customers, we charge a small percentage of the bike price, as stated in our partner agreement. Commission can be seen as a customer acquisition cost to reach the customers who otherwise would acquire their bike elsewhere.
Sweet that you're interested in joining our partner network! Start by reviewing our partner requirements and then send the application form. It's all on this page. You will soon receive the contract draft for review.
Some of our customers have a service budget included in their benefit bike contract. You can service their bikes as usual, record the work and spare parts in Vapaus' portal, and send the invoice to us. If the customer does not have the service budget included, they will pay for the service just as any non-benefit bike customer.
We take circular economy seriously and want to encourage our customers to choose good quality bikes that can be later repaired and reused. Therefore, we do not accept all of the cheapest alternatives. Our partner qualification process makes sure that the cooperation is beneficial for both parties.
Your bike shop will be listed as a partner on Vapaus' website and in the end-user application. You can also get additional visibility through our campaign page and social media. We can (and want to) organize dedicated test-ride events for our customers in your area. Let us know if you have other ideas on how to join forces in getting more people on the saddle!

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