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The smartest way to get a bicycle


Vapaus offers an almost unlimited selection of brands and models to choose from, as part of a completely risk-free service package.

Depending on your tax bracket & the Vapaus plan your employer selected, you'll be able to save up to over 30% compared to your bike's retail price. Read about the experiences of people who use Vapaus Benefit Bikes here.

Does your employer already offer you a Vapaus benefit? Create your Vapaus account and start riding.


Vapaus is 6 years old, which means we can already ride without training wheels!

We continuously develop our service together with the over 120,000 employees who are already entitled to our service, their employers and our partner shops.

Additionally, Vapaus is made out of a team of bike-, customer- & process-experts, making it a safe haven for all bike enthusiasts out there.

YOUR carbon-neutral commute

Sustainability is part of Vapaus' DNA since the beginning.

We completely offset the emissions released during the manufacture, delivery and use of Vapaus Benefit Bikes, but that's not all: thanks to our bike care expertise, we are also reconditioning all returning bikes to make sure they have a long second (or third, or fourth) life.

All you need to do is enjoy your good-as-new benefit bike!

"Before we launched the benefit, we were asked around 40 questions about things like calculating the tax benefit, how it affects on pay, bike maintenance, insurance and prices. Many of the people considering a benefit bike know a lot about bikes and are specifically interested in more expensive models and accessories. Vapaus gave clear and helpful answers to all of those questions and did so in a completely transparent way."

Janita Päivämaa


HR Coordinator, Afry

"The launch webinar held for our company by Vapaus was one of the clearest webinars I've ever seen. The calculator gives a clear picture of how the total price is formed and distributed over the leasing period. Choosing the maintenance budget was difficult, it would be great if you didn't have to decide on it when ordering bike, but there might be some tax technical reasons behind. Getting the bike itself from a bike shop in another city was effortless."



Benefit cyclist

"Everything in the leasing of the bike has gone smoothly. Especially extra plus for the length of the contract period that can be freely determined."



Benefit cyclist

"You were active and handled problems well. You also responded quickly to messages if there were questions. I got the feeling that you really care about the customers. That's not necessarily very common these days."

Timo Koivisto


Benefit cyclist, Ensto Finland

"The service process of Vapaus is working well. Everything goes as were promised"

Ritva Taipale


Benefit cyclist, Digia

"Clear communication, deadlines that were met, ease of use."

Ilkka Poutanen


Benefit cyclist, Futurice

"I went to the Mountain Bike Shop's brick-and-mortar store myself and got the bike right away. The information was sent to the Vapaus system straight away on the spot."

Pasi Rupponen


Benefit cyclist, Nitor

"Vapaus has a good partner network from which to order."

Jaana Säkkinen


Benefit cyclist, Cinia

"Very good and smooth service. Ordering the bike was handled professionally and expertly!"

Artturi Laitakari


Benefit cyclist, Siili Solutions

"Even though the consept was totally new to us at the company, Vapaus's service process had been made easy and transparent."

Timo Hautakoski


Benefit cyclist, Sweco

"I found my dream bike with the hint from my co-worker at the bike shop Pyörä-Suvala Oy in Oulu. Two days later the bike was delivered to me in Kokkola. Really great work from both the bike shop and Vapaus. Thank you :)"

Mirva Hautala


Benefit cyclist, Sievi Group

"The bike has been really great, I use it every day. Definitely, the best employee benefit that a company can offer its employees. This is how the value has risen to an unimaginable level, especially during the covid-19."

Mari Myllynen


Benefit cyclist, MTV Oy

"It has been a pleasure to do business with Vapaus from the beginning. Even though the whole process was still rough in 2021 when we started, I couldn't be more satisfied. I got help choosing a bike at the beginning, quick answers to my questions, and the product was exactly what I wanted, even though I didn't even take a test ride at any point. I recommend it unconditionally!"

Kimmo Laine


Benefit cyclist, Heltti

WIDE bike selection

With over 200 brands to choose from in person or online, we have bikes for every wallet. Bikes are delivered straight to your doorstep or any other location of your choice.


We have optimised our products to always offer the most lucrative discounts depending on your situation.

Maintenance as required

Choose an appropriate tax-free maintenance budget from our options or maintain the bike yourself.


With our cancellation coverage, you can return your bike to us for any reason.

Benefit bikes are tax-free up to €1,200 per year

Our comprehensive benefit bike service makes it easy for employees to lease the bike of their dreams as a personal benefit through their salary, without having to pay any tax on the first €100 a month.

If you decide to keep your bike after the lease ends, it can add up to a 30% discount compared to the original retail price.

See how much you could save with our calculator

You can also use the calculator to get a rough estimate of how your benefit bike will affect your pay.


What is THE taxable value?

The taxable value of the bike benefit is determined the Finnish tax legislation. Currently it is limited to 100€ per month or 1,200€ a year.

With Vapaus you have the possibility of going over the legal 100€ limit simply by choosing a higher monthly payment value if your employer allows it.

In that case, the extra value can be either invoiced from your employer, deducted from your salary or charged directly from your own payment card.

The chosen monthly payment always includes the repayment of the bike's lease & interest as well as all services included in the contracts.

What is THE residual value?

The leasing contract's residual value is the amount that is left to pay after the lease has ended. Each contract has their own residual percentage (usually between 1 & 30%) to which you agree when ordering your bike.

Usually the lower the residual value, the higher the share of the bike's retail price included in the taxable value.

You are always free to decide whether you'd instead prefer to return the bike to us at the end of your lease at no cost.

Contract period

The Vapaus service is available for a flexible duration of 6 to 60 months, depending on your employer's service plan & the retail price of the bike you have chosen.

The monthly payment usually translates into a 100€ salary deduction but can vary depending on your employer's contract.

You can get a bike that costs over the maximum contract value allowed by your employer by paying the excess directly to Vapaus as a down payment.


Our cancellation coverage option is your extra peace of mind.

With the cancellation coverage, you can cancel your lease at any point of your contract. Your bike will then simply be returned to Vapaus.

So yes: you can try out that electric bike you have been looking at without having to make a long-term commitment or risk ending up with a bike you don’t like. We won’t ask why.

A maintenance budget for everyone

Getting a maintenance budget from Vapaus lets you add your maintenance & repair costs to your leasing contract, making them tax-free!


Do you cycle a lot?  Perhaps even more than 1,000 km a year? If so, this is the maintenance budget for you – including €240 per year for maintenance and/or spare parts.


The ideal budget for an active cyclist who cycles more than 500 km a year. Includes €192 per year for maintenance and/or spare parts.


The ideal budget for someone who cycles less than 500 km a year. Includes €144 per year for maintenance and/or spare parts.


Do you want to maintain the bike yourself and don’t intend to include maintenance in the taxable value? If so, this is the package for you. It lets you maximise the amount of taxable value you can spend on the bike itself.

Where can I get my bike?

Vapaus has its own store of new and used bikes where you can find the most wallet-friendly benefit bike selection.

You can also get your bike from any of our partner shops' selection (view shops here), which includes over 200 brands.

If you didn't find your dream bike from the above, you can also place your order with our our Vapaus customer team and get your bike from our list of online partners here.

Vapaus Benefit Bike insurance

The Vapaus bike insurance is provided by a Finnish company and covers accidents, theft and vandalism. Our fixed insurance excess is €240 per claim.

We only require that your bike was locked when the incident occurred in cases of theft or vandalism and that you report the offence to the police. After that, our customer team will handle the claim and find you the right replacement bike for the same price.

What THE heck IS A benefit bike?

You will find everything in this employee guide; how the Vapaus bike benefit works, what kind of bike you can get, how much you can save, and so on.

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