The smart route to a new bicycle

Get the perfect bike for your needs without a big one-time investment. Ride anywhere, anytime. Keep the bike if you want to. That’s Vapaus benefit bikes.


  • A benefit bike is a normal or e-bike that you acquire through the bike benefit made available by your employer
  • You are free to use the bicycle for leisure, hobbies, commuting – whatever you like
  • Thanks to the tax benefit, you can save up to 30% compared to purchasing the bike with cash and without the benefit

100 bike brands and 290+ bike shops to choose from

Vapaus - time for bike benefit

time for #Newbikeday?

Does your employer already offer the bike benefit? Let’s get the wheels turning! Check where and how to get your Vapaus bike.

(Re)Discover the joy of cycling

Still looking for that final bit of confirmation? How about these figures:


benefit bike user NPS

19 000+

active Vapaus cyclists


have reduced their car usage


There are 19 000+ active Vapaus users in 1 500+ organisations. We guarantee that not one of them will ever say that the benefit bike has changed their life for the worse.
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See just how much you can save by getting your new bicycle as a Vapaus benefit bike. Actual savings depend on your income tax rate and the total price of the benefit bike package.

Frequently asked questions

Not sure yet? Check if you can find answers to your concerns below. If not, check our support pages.

Your employer must first have launched the bike benefit into use. If this is the case, you can get a Vapaus benefit bike from a local partner bike shop, selected online stores, or from our Vapaus Precycled bike shop. Regardless of where you want to get the bicycle from, the first step is to create an account in the Vapaus app. See instructions
You can save up to 30% on the retail (cash) price of the bike, with average savings ranging from 15-25%. Total savings depend on your salary and tax rate as well as the price of your Vapaus bike package (bicycle + equipment) and your bike benefit service plan. The savings come form the tax benefit, meaning that they will realise in a lower tax rate (in case you update it) or in tax returns.
You cannot get a benefit bike before your employer has launched the benefit into use. Don't let this stop you: Tell your employer about Vapaus
We know that life happens and things change, so you can always end your Vapaus contract early if needed. In other words, you are not married for life to the benefit bike. When ending the contract, you can choose whether to buy the bicycle or return it to us. Contact us or end the contract in the Vapaus app.
You can get any normal or e-bike (electric assistance and power up to 25 km/h and 250 W) you want. The maximum price of the bike package (bicycle + equipment) is defined in your organisation's bike benefit terms. All bicycle types are available to you in Vapaus' partner network – from road, gravel and mountain bikes to hybrid, city and cargo bikes. Note that you can choose a purely hobby bicycle if you like, and do not need to commute with the bike at all. You can also get a pre-owned benefit bike from the Vapaus Precycled store. Browse bike shop partners and brands
No. You can use your Vapaus benefit bike for anything you like, including leisure rides, hobbies, and commuting, but you do not need to ride one meter to or from your workplace unless you want to.
Yes, and in fact the majority of Vapaus users choose an e-bike. You can get any type of e-bike with electric assistance and power up to 25 km/h and 250 W. Also, remember to check that the price of the e-bike is within the limit of your organisation's bike benefit terms, or that you are allowed to pay the exceeding amount with cash.
A benefit bike is a normal bicycle or an e-bike that you acquire through a bike benefit leasing contract. Note that your employer must first offer the bike benefit for you, before you can get a benefit bicycle. 
Your bike choice ultimately depends on what you plan to use the bike for, and on other preferences you may have. You can for instance get a hybrid, road, gravel, mountain, or commuter bike. The majority of Vapaus users choose an e-bike, because the tax benefit and the distributed investment make the relatively high price easier to justify.
The employee bike benefit is a cost effective way to get even a more expensive bike, like an e-bike, without a large one-time investment. Also, thanks to the tax benefit, you can save up to 30% compared to purchasing the bicycle on your own. Vapaus also has broad cancellation coverage, which means that you are not married to the bike in case you do not vibe with it after all, or if your employment situation changes. Calculate your savings