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Reward your organisation with a desired employee benefit and a healthier workforce. Vapaus makes benefit bikes flexible for HR and employees.

What is the employee bike benefit? How does it work?

Employee bike benefit is like any other employee benefit (but also unlike any other benefit)
It allows employees to get a nice bicycle and use it for any kind of cycling they want
To offer the benefit for employees, you need to have an active contract with a service provider like Vapaus
You can offer the benefit as part of employees’ gross salary, or partly or fully on top of it
Thanks to the tax benefit, employees can save up to 30% on the retail price of the bicycle
For employers like you, it is a superb way to support employees’ wellbeing and advance sustainability targets
Frequently asked questions

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Pick your plan

Big or small, your team deserves to ride good bicycles. Choose a package and get started.
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Everything you need to get started on improving employee wellbeing with benefit bikes. Yes, it’s free.
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Care-free package for employers who want to offer a broader bike selection and service.
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Custom package for those who want the best user perks and the highest impact on wellbeing and sustainability.

How to get Vapaus bike benefit for your organisation

Basic information

Send your company details and preferences for the bike benefit to speed up the process. This does not bind you in any way.

Credit decision

We review your information and request a credit decision.


Select a Vapaus service plan (Starter, Pro, Enterprise) and finalise the contract. You won’t get any invoices from us until the first bikes have been delivered to your employees.

Bike benefit launch

Arrange an internal launch using our materials, or book a custom session (included in Enterprise plan) and we will be there to onboard your employees and answer tough questions.


After the launch, your employees can start getting their benefit bikes. Monthly invoicing kicks in – and so do the wellbeing gains!

You are just one step away

Start by sending your organisation’s basic information. We use it to get a credit decision and speed up the bike benefit process. This does not bind you or cost anything at all.


Frequently asked questions

Not sure yet? Check if you can find answers to your concerns below. If not, talk to us.

Vapaus comes in three service plans. Our Starter plan is completely free for your organisation. Pro and Enterprise plans add a monthly office fee (€12 and €16 respectively) for each active benefit bike contract. Pricing and plans
We have 1 500+ customer organisations, big and small, and from all imaginable industries. We can happily confirm that the bike benefit is a great match for any organisation that cares about employee wellbeing, the environment, and their attractiveness as an employer. Note that your employees do not need to use their benefit bikes for commuting. Get started with Vapaus bike benefit
When your employee leaves, their contract with Vapaus ends. They can choose to either buy their bike or return it to Vapaus. In some cases, they can also transfer their benefit bike contract either to a colleague within your company or to their new employer. Whatever happens, we'll make sure the bicycle doesn't become a burden for you. Contact support
Vapaus benefit bikes have the most flexible terms for employers and employees, including the best bike cancellation coverage on the market. We are a truly sustainable player with green mobility in our DNA. Also, 96% of Vapaus benefit bike users recommend the service. Check pricing and plans
Woo-hoo! Start by sending your basic company information here. We use the information to get a credit decision and speed up the process. After this, we will contact you to set up your bike benefit contract and guideline.
Yes you can. The only thing to note is that if you offer the bike benefit together with a commuter ticket benefit, their maximum combined taxable value is 3 400€ per year (per employee). The maximum taxable value of the bike benefit (1 200€ / year) means that the commuter ticket benefit's taxable value is limited to the remaining 2 200 € / year. The bike benefit does not affect any other benefits, like lunch, culture, or car benefit.


Experiences of Vapaus

Over 1 500 organisations in Finland and the Nordics have chosen Vapaus employee bike benefit and never looked back. See how it’s changed their everyday life.
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Bike benefit guide for employers and HR

Learn how the bike benefit works and compare Vapaus service plans and terms.

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