Vapaus won gold in the European Startup Prize for Mobility 2023

Vapaus, with its impactful Benefit Bike service, was selected among four gold winners on October 26 in the 5th edition of the European Startup Prize for Mobility, out of over 700 applicants. 

Vapaus’ commitment to developing and deploying innovative solutions for the mobility sector, was recognized and inspired the jury. The European Startup Prize for Mobility is a recognition to the most pioneering startups in the mobility sector across Europe. 

Vapaus is growing strongly

Vapaus saw a 300% turnover increase in 2022, reaching 18.8 million euros. During 2023 the same turnover level was reached already by the end of July and the company is approaching breakeven this year. In Finland, Vapaus already serves over 1300 business customers, supplying over 16,000 benefit bikes to their personnel. Committed to fostering cycling-friendliness, transforming commuting, and driving positive change across European cities, Vapaus is now taking initial steps toward expansion in Sweden.

"We are incredibly proud to be the gold-winner of the European Startup Prize for Mobility. Vapaus combines e-mobility, digital solutions and welfare development interestingly. With electrification, the role of cycling is growing and diversifying globally. It is even easier and faster to travel and transport by e-bike. In turn, cycling brings more movement and creativity to the average day at the office. Cycling is indeed an important part of future mobility. I am proud that we have responded to this opportunity and that our team is being recognised for it," says Tero Era, CEO of Vapaus.

“We invite everyone to join us in the journey towards a healthier, more sustainable, and interconnected world,” ends Era.

The bike benefit and cycling have a significant positive impact

A study by the Finnish Cyclists' Federation, published on April 14, 2023, reveals that the bike benefit positively impacts employee commuting habits in Finland.

From a bigger perspective, The European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) has calculated in past years that cycling creates benefits of up to €150 billion every year in the EU, including the UK, with more than €90 billion in positive impact for the environment, public health and the mobility system.

About Vapaus:

Vapaus Bikes Finland Oy, a benefit bike service company founded in 2018 with over 30 professionals, combines eMobility, digital solutions, and welfare development in its service model. Ranked 19th among Finland's 100 fastest-growing companies, Vapaus saw a 300% turnover was €18.8 million in 2022 and turnover in Jan-Aug 2023 is €21.4 million approaching breakeven in 2023. Vapaus aims to sustain its growth both in Finland and abroad.

Media contacts:

CEO, Vapaus, Tero Era, +358 50 541 6337,

Founder, Vapaus, Mikko Ampuja, +358 50 306 7000,  

Mikko Ampuja, the founder of Vapaus, at the award ceremony in Brussels on October 26