Want to become a Vapaus Benefit Bike partner? Join us, your company can only benefit!

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You have several options to choose from when deciding where to get your Vapaus benefit bike.

The easiest option is probably one of our many local partner shops. When you get your bike from a local partner shop you deal directly with the partner store, speeding up the ordering process.

You can pick up your bike either from a physical store or order it online, just contact the store in question and tell them you are ordering a Vapaus bike and they will tell you how to place your order.


If you can't find what you want locally, you can get your bike from one of our international partner shops by placing an order in the Vapaus App. When ordering from one of our international partners you get a fixed rate on delivery and there is no extra service fee for your order.


If you're looking for an option that is friendly to both your wallet and the environment you should check out our Precycled bikes. Precycled bikes are fully serviced and inspected bikes that have been returned to us by previous users.



When ordering a bike from one of our local partner shops you can always deal with the shop directly. Don't hesitate to contact the store and tell them you want to order a Vapaus bike, they will help you with everything to need to get your bike benefit set up!

You can narrow down the list of partners by typing your desired shop or location in the search field below. You can also check out the list our most popular local partner web shops.


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Can't see your favourite bike shop on the list?

Read our partner manifesto and ask the bike shop you want to join the Vapaus Partner Network to fill out a partner application (button below) if they feel they are sharing the same values as us. We will be happy to discuss the possibility.



We take pride in guiding our customers to the best shops and service providers and we're always looking for new partners to add to our list of trusted vendors!

We work with all kinds of companies, ranging from some of the largest in the country to small local business. We have users all over Finland and our service is growing rapidly.

Partnering with Vapaus is an opportunity you can only benefit from. As a partner you can make additional sales, since becoming a partner is the only way to sell Vapaus bikes! Check out our partner manifesto below and contact us if you're interested!


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Vapaus APP

As our partner, your company has access to the simple and easy-to-use Vapaus app.

With the app, calculating taxable value and entering the order is easy!

Supporting our partners

Because we value our partners, we have a dedicated team member whose only job is working with you!

We offer first-class service, help and training.

Focus on your core competence

When it comes to selling bikes, we know you’re an expert. That’s why we work hard to ensure that you can focus on what you're best at.

We free up your time for the most important things by working with the end customer and taking care of all other aspects of managing the benefit bike service.

Would you like to become a partner?
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Our customer service is here to help if you have a question or need help picking the right bike for you. Online orders are made in the Vapaus app.

Live Chat Mon-Fri 10:00 - 16:00
Email: bikes@vapaus.io

Our website's tireless Pupu-Botti serves evenings and weekends.



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