The season is in full swing and the demand for bikes is high! Thank you for your patience as you wait for your dream bike.

Partner network

Our growing partner network

Want to partner your company with Vapaus Benefit Bikes? Many companies are already using Vapaus Benefit Bikes and the number of our customers is continuously growing. Our client base includes large, medium and small companies around Finland. Don’t get left behind – join us! Your company can only benefit!


Vapaus Benefit Bikes are already available at the following shops:

If you want a benefit bike, you can go directly to our partner shops, which are listed by city below. Many of our partner shops can also do business with you remotely.

We can order a bike for you from the listed online shops in the EU that offers business-to-business sales. List of the online shops can be found here.

Partner network: go directly to a physical shop. Shops are listed by city below.

Online store: place your order in the Vapaus app.

Please note that other online stores are not included in our list of official partner shops. However, we do have agreements with the following online stores: Canyon, Commencal, Econic One and JONITO. We charge a fixed delivery fee when ordering from these shops and you will not be charged a separate Vapaus service fee (€48 per unit).

We charge delivery fees according to the cost of delivery for bike orders from other online stores, which are also subject to the Vapaus service fee.

Below, you will find a list of other online shops that our customers have had good experiences with and where the bike can be ordered. Can't see you favourite bike shop on the list? Let us know them!


You can narrow down the list of partners by typing your desired shop or location in the search field below. You can also go directly to browse online stores.

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Partner Online stores

Can't see your favourite bike shop on the list?

Let us know about them!


Want to partner with Vapaus Benefit Bikes?

As a partner, you will make additional sales. Vapaus Benefit Bikes has become an extremely popular service. We are already working with companies ranging from some of the largest in Finland to small, local businesses. And this is only the start!

The only way to secure your chance to sell to these customers is to become a partner. Partnering with Vapaus is an opportunity you can only benefit from.

Together we are more!

Established service concept

Vapaus APP

As our partner, your company has access to the simple and easy-to-use Vapaus app.

With the app, calculating taxable value and entering the order is easy!

Supporting our partners

Because we value our partners, we have a dedicated team member whose only job is working with you!

We offer first-class service, help and training.

Focus on your core competence

When it comes to selling bikes, we know you’re an expert. That’s why we work hard to ensure that you can focus on what you're best at.

We free up your time for the most important things by working with the end customer and taking care of all other aspects of managing the benefit bike service.

Would you like to become a partner?
Contact us:

040 176 8008jukka@vapaus.io

Contact information


Our customer service is here to help if you have a question or need help picking the right bike for you.

Online orders are made in the Vapaus app.



Send us a support request by filling out this form.


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