How to care for your ebike battery


If you're confused or unsure about how to care for your ebike battery it's no surprise, there are about as many different opinions about how to care for ebike batteries as there are bike blogs out there. Information on battery care found online varies between sources and might sometimes even be directly conflicting, however there are luckily some basic tips that most (if not all) sources agree on.

This blog covers the most important things to consider when handling your battery, while we won't go delving into the minute details of ideal battery maintenance, these tips should be more than enough to allow you to focus on riding your bike rather than worrying about its batteries!

Disclaimer: This guide contains instructions for the ideal care of Li-ion ebike batteries, it is not a complete guide and is not intended to replace the user manual of your battery. While this advice applies to most batteries, you should always consult the user manual of your ebike and battery before use. Pay close attention to the safety instructions.

Tip 1: Don’t charge a hot or cold battery

It might be tempting to charge your battery straight away when returning from a long ride, however, you should let the battery rest at room temperature for about half an hour before charging it. Even though the battery might not feel hot on the surface it still warms up whenever it is in use, letting the battery reach room temperature before charging puts less strain on it and will make it last longer. The same half hour rule applies if your battery is cold, so if you keep your bike outside or in a cold garage in winter it's a good idea to plan ahead slightly so that you have time to let the battery warm up before charging it.

Tip 2: Avoid extreme temperatures

If you aren't storing your battery in one place for a longer period of time you generally don't need to worry too much about the temperature. However, even brief exposures to temperatures above 40°C can be harmful for your battery, so don't leave your battery in your car during hot summer days (and don't take it in the sauna)!
If you're not going to be using your battery for a while, keep it in a dry place at room temperature.

Tip 3: Prefer slow charging

Slower charging is better for your battery, so prefer a slower charger if you have the option and the time to use one.

Tip 4: Carge to 80% and fill up before you go 

Your battery is most strained when it is full and empty, so it's better to avoid draining it completely and keeping it 100% charged for longer times. Charging your battery so that it is not completely full, to between 80 and 90% of capacity, will extend its lifetime. If you need the full capacity of your battery it’s a good idea to charge the last bit just before leaving, this way it won’t stay at 100% for a long time.

Tip 5: Store your battery charged 50-60%

If you aren't using your battery for a longer period of time you should store it at around half charge as this will result in minimal degrading. Remember to check the battery occasionally and charge it a bit more if it goes below 50%. Store your battery in a dry place at room temperature.

Tip 6: Consider a battery cover in cold weather 

Batteries lose a part of their range when cold. Some manufacturers provide battery covers that help insulate the battery in cold climates. A battery cover might be worth considering if you cycle often during the winter.  Always check your battery user manual before using a cover.

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