Lasse KeronenLasse Keronen
Lasse Keronen

E-bikes are conquering the market

Cycling is now more popular than ever and e-bikes dominate the tax-free benefit bike market. Cycling (and e-bikes) also complement solutions to achieve sustainability goals.

Lotta VänskäLotta Vänskä
Lotta Vänskä

Vapaus gets €2.8M capital investment and a world-class Board to support growth – Leena Niemistö becomes Chairperson of the Board

Vapaus’ journey to become the world’s most influential mobility service company received a significant boost when Vapaus’ Annual General Meeting approved the new Board in November 2021.

Lotta VänskäLotta Vänskä
Lotta Vänskä

Employee benefit bikes have increased employees’ bike use

We’ve asked people who use benefit bikes how the tax-free, employer-provided bicycle benefit has affected their cycling habits. Their answers tell a spectacular story and we want to share that.

Lotta VänskäLotta Vänskä
Lotta Vänskä

Vapaus has strong net positive impact

Very early on, we decided that we at Vapaus want to do business in a way that does more good than bad in the world. AI analysis: the net impact score of Vapaus is +58%

Mikko AmpujaMikko Ampuja
Mikko Ampuja

Benefit biking to relieve climate anxiety

In partnership with Compensate, Vapaus brings the most responsible benefit bike service to the market.

Lasse KeronenLasse Keronen
Lasse Keronen

Vapaus offers AFRY employees the opportunity for a zero-emission commute

Efficient communication, effortless co-operation and excellent references convinced AFRY about Vapaus. The company wanted to be among the first to offer the benefit to all of their employees.

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