Lotta VänskäLotta Vänskä
Lotta Vänskä

42% of benefit bike users have reduced their car use in Finland

A new employee bicycle benefit will be available in April. It is offered by Edenred, Finland's most used employee benefit service, and bike benefit provider Vapaus.

Emilie CalmettesEmilie Calmettes
Emilie Calmettes

Vapaus user app: As simple as walking into a bike shop

Revamped Vapaus user app for all current and future benefit bike users - read more!

Tuuli LuotoTuuli Luoto
Tuuli Luoto

The total cost of a benefit bike and the savings made in tax

Read in plain language how with the help of the tax benefit you can save a significant amount of money compared to buying a bike "on your own" without the employee bike benefit.

Lotta VänskäLotta Vänskä
Lotta Vänskä

Bicycle price - What can you get for your money?

You can spend as much money on cycling as your heart desires. Read and learn what kind of bike you can get on different kind of budgets!

Lotta VänskäLotta Vänskä
Lotta Vänskä

Vapaus won gold in the European Startup Prize for Mobility 2023

Vapaus, with its impactful Benefit Bike service, was selected among four gold winners on October 26 in the 5th edition of the European Startup Prize for Mobility, out of over 700 applicants. 

Lotta VänskäLotta Vänskä
Lotta Vänskä

Employee Benefit Bikes: still a mystery, but an intriguing one

Only 22% of employees are familiar with the employee bicycle benefit, but 63% find it interesting. Read more about the research results from Vapaus and Oomi Fillari!

Emilie CalmettesEmilie Calmettes
Emilie Calmettes

The joy of cycling should be universal

Offering the bike benefit is now finally easy! Discover our new Vapaus plans for all organisation sizes and shapes: Vapaus Starter, Vapaus Pro & Vapaus Enterprise

Mikko AmpujaMikko Ampuja
Mikko Ampuja

One reason to take a week of rest and one wish for the next year

We know with two years of experience that there will be a lively and fast-paced half-year ahead with the bicycle business and at the same time, we also want to take care of our own staff.


How to care for your ebike battery

Are you unsure how to best care for your ebikie battery? Here are some basic tips for charging and storage to help you get the most out of your ebike!

Sasu HalmeSasu Halme
Sasu Halme

Precycled bikes - could a used bike be the most reasonable choice?

Have you thought about getting a used benefit bicycle? In this blog post, I explain the history behind Vapaus Precycled and go through why a used bike could be the most reasonable choice for you.

Emilie CalmettesEmilie Calmettes
Emilie Calmettes

It's spring! How to order your Vapaus bike in the most efficient way?

April is upon us, meaning that the streets are again getting packed with cyclists and the bike hype is growing. Read where you could get your own benefit bike.

Emilie CalmettesEmilie Calmettes
Emilie Calmettes

Bikepacking: your sustainable holiday

Bikepacking is far from being a new trend, but in the current climate crisis context it has again gained in popularity amongst travellers.

Emilie CalmettesEmilie Calmettes
Emilie Calmettes

Why do you ride?

A few days ago, we ran a survey. The idea was to gather a few insights about why people bike - and why they don’t.This is a short piece on what we found out and how it is relevant to our work here at Vapaus.


Check out Achielle if you want to ride with style

While finding a bike that matches your neon-colored sport outfit is easy, it might be harder to find something that goes with your hip urban outfit or business casual office wear. If you like your cycling with

Mikko AmpujaMikko Ampuja
Mikko Ampuja


I’m proud to announce that Vapaus reaffirms its commitment to the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact in 2022.

Mikko AmpujaMikko Ampuja
Mikko Ampuja

A look at our impact in 2021

2021 was a big year for Vapaus in many ways, however, we are especially proud of the positive impact we were able to make on both people and the environment!


How bikes came back to my life

Being a Benefit Bike expert and trusted advisor sometimes feels a bit absurd. Today bikes to me are a hobby and a profession but there was a time they didn’t represent even the slightest part in my life.

Lotta VänskäLotta Vänskä
Lotta Vänskä

Cycling is an ecological and efficient way to get around – for mountain climber Lotta Hintsa it is part of her lifestyle

Lotta Hintsa, the Vapaus Brand Ambassador, doesn't remember exactly how she learnt to ride a bike. It probably happened by itself when she was about 4 or 5 years old and wanted to rush after her big sister.

Emilie CalmettesEmilie Calmettes
Emilie Calmettes

One day in our bike shop & workshop

To learn more about or workshop and how our expert mechanics help bike enthusiasts, I spent a whole day during my first month in January shadowing my colleagues Eeva and Steven in their work.

Emilie CalmettesEmilie Calmettes
Emilie Calmettes

Easy-going bikes to start pedalling

When I joined Vapaus just a couple of weeks ago, I was asked to pick a bike of my own. And here, you can literally purchase any bike you want as long as it’s sold in European stores. Now whilst that’s the dream


E-bikes are conquering the market

Cycling is now more popular than ever and e-bikes dominate the tax-free benefit bike market. Cycling (and e-bikes) also complement solutions to achieve sustainability goals.

Lotta VänskäLotta Vänskä
Lotta Vänskä

Vapaus gets €2.8M capital investment and a world-class Board to support growth – Leena Niemistö becomes Chairperson of the Board

Vapaus’ journey to become the world’s most influential mobility service company received a significant boost when Vapaus’ Annual General Meeting approved the new Board in November 2021.

Lotta VänskäLotta Vänskä
Lotta Vänskä

Employee benefit bikes have increased employees’ bike use

We’ve asked people who use benefit bikes how the tax-free, employer-provided bicycle benefit has affected their cycling habits. Their answers tell a spectacular story and we want to share that.

Lotta VänskäLotta Vänskä
Lotta Vänskä

Vapaus has strong net positive impact

Very early on, we decided that we at Vapaus want to do business in a way that does more good than bad in the world. AI analysis: the net impact score of Vapaus is +58%

Mikko AmpujaMikko Ampuja
Mikko Ampuja

Benefit biking to relieve climate anxiety

In partnership with Compensate, Vapaus brings the most responsible benefit bike service to the market.


Vapaus offers AFRY employees the opportunity for a zero-emission commute

Efficient communication, effortless co-operation and excellent references convinced AFRY about Vapaus. The company wanted to be among the first to offer the benefit to all of their employees.

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