About us

We are part of a solution that allows people to enjoy continued freedom of mobility


Our business model is is based on providing sustainable mobility solutions that do not produce direct emissions. Our aim is to benefit companies as well as employees – both at work and during their leisure time.


  • Every kilometre travelled using our services reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, helping not only our environment but also our customers on the road to carbon neutrality.
  • We develop solutions for people. We thrive when we take good care of our customers as well as our own employees.
  • Our upright and honest conduct allows us to garner a deep level of trust from our customers and build genuine partnerships.​
  • The customer experience is of paramount importance to us and as a partner, we are always willing to go the extra mile to please.


We focus on sustainable B2B2C mobility solutions. Our goal is to become a trailblazer in corporate mobility on a global scale.


We would love to meet you! We are always on the look-out for new professionals to strengthen our team. If you think you’re the piece of the puzzle that our team is missing, feel free to send us an open application. Learn more here and apply.

The team

Here at Vapaus, we fill each role according to our team members' strengths and wishes. Brought together by our shared values, which form the backbone of each internal decision made at Vapaus, everyone is involved in the decision-making process.


Lasse KeronenLasse Keronen

Lasse Keronen

As an experienced salesman who took the leap and joined Vapaus to take care of the company’s customer relationships and sales development, Lasse is also one of the company’s owners.

Eric DeightonEric Deighton

Eric Deighton

Finance guy aka CFO

Lotta PeussaLotta Peussa

Lotta Peussa

Tatu MäkiläTatu Mäkilä

Tatu Mäkilä

Tatu has been with Vapaus ever since the company was founded. He lives and breathes entrepreneurship and sustainable mobility, taking responsibility for ensuring that Vapaus is doing everything it can to grow.

Kasper HannulaKasper Hannula

Kasper Hannula

Timo KaholaTimo Kahola

Timo Kahola

Timo is in charge of People & Culture, guiding everyone at Vapaus along as we lay the foundations for sustainable organisational culture. Timo is also responsible for finding new employees to fill any empty roles at Vapaus.

Jari MalmivaaraJari Malmivaara

Jari Malmivaara

Jari is one of the co-founders of Vapaus. Working remotely from Dubai, Jari has new customer sales on his table.

Sasu HalmeSasu Halme

Sasu Halme

Sasu is responsible for developing our procurement and coordinating our customer service. Cycling is one of his passions and he spends a lot of his spare time on cycling trails. He's also the company's current cycling record holder – one that is unlikely to be beaten any time soon!

Saku PetainSaku Petain

Saku Petain

Katja KiiskiläKatja Kiiskilä

Katja Kiiskilä

Customer Care Lead

Janne LaxJanne Lax

Janne Lax

Customer experience & care

Emilie CalmettesEmilie Calmettes

Emilie Calmettes

Emilie does all things Product & Technology at Vapaus, turning great ideas into usable software & user happiness.

Mikko AmpujaMikko Ampuja

Mikko Ampuja

Our resident mad professor may seem a little lost in his thoughts at times but he is also determined and thorough. Indeed, we rely on him steering the company as its founder and CEO.

Tomi SattaTomi Satta

Tomi Satta

Tomi works in new sales. In his free time you can find Tomi at his Crossfit gym, on a golf course or cross-country skiing trails.

Lotta VänskäLotta Vänskä

Lotta Vänskä

As a former Finnish baseball player and current city cyclist, Lotta conducts growth marketing and other trials to help our current and future services grow. Brand building and the customer experience are also close to her heart.

Dani AuvinenDani Auvinen

Dani Auvinen

Contractual wreaths and other legal issues are Dani's speciality.

Anna-Kaisa PentinsaariAnna-Kaisa Pentinsaari

Anna-Kaisa Pentinsaari

Customer experience & care

Jenni IsohätäläJenni Isohätälä

Jenni Isohätälä

Customer experience & care

Jonathan BjörnbergJonathan Björnberg

Jonathan Björnberg

Jukka ToivariJukka Toivari

Jukka Toivari

As a rock-solid bicycle industry professional, Jukka is responsible for developing  our employee benefit bike partner network.

Anni Aalto-YleväAnni Aalto-Ylevä

Anni Aalto-Ylevä

As razor-sharp on the dance floor as she is at work in customer service, when Anni is not busy answering questions and resolving queries about benefit bikes, she can be found showing off some of her best moves at "lavatanssit", a magical place where the Finns go to dance the summer nights away.

Piia MäkiläPiia Mäkilä

Piia Mäkilä

Having filled many different roles during her time at Vapaus, Piia has truly seen every side of the company. Piia’s interest in finance led her to her current position, in which she is responsible for reorganising our reporting and many other facets of the company.

Maltte OvaskaMaltte Ovaska

Maltte Ovaska

Bike repair

Martin TapioMartin Tapio

Martin Tapio

Martin has been helping us with a variety of things for some time now. For example, he is the brains behind the pickup service that we launched in autumn.

Ante AnttilaAnte Anttila

Ante Anttila

Eeva KarhuvaaraEeva Karhuvaara

Eeva Karhuvaara

Steven VercoeSteven Vercoe

Steven Vercoe

Advisors & INVESTORS

In addition to our operative team, we have always had the pleasure of welcoming experienced professionals to join us in our mission – experienced professionals who share our values and help us navigate the rocky path of developing our business.

Leena Niemistö

Management expert, early-stage investor and serial entrepreneur

Pertti Aimonen

OptoFidelity board member

Asmo Halinen

Entrepreneur and start-up activist

Sonja Heikkilä

MaaS innovations, mobility service designer, SKODA Auto Digilab.

Sampo Hietanen

MaaS pioneer and founder and CEO of MaaS Global

Antti Akonniemi

Founder of Kisko Labs and stand-up comedian

Timo Lappi

Lawyerpreneur and CEO of Heltti

Ronnie Neva-Aho

Entrepreneur, Delete Group board member

Micke Paqvalén

Serial entrepreneur and management expert

Marko Roukkula

Midventum founding shareholder and Chairman of the Board

Katriina Juntunen

CEO of Kasvuryhmä

Riku Vassinen

Author and managing partner at Ogilvy

Ville Heinonen

TableOnline CEO

Jonas Ahlblad

Sirius Capital partner

Robert Torvelainen

Ex-Uber, management expert

Tapio Koskinen

Optofidelity, angel investor

Mikko Särkikangas

e21 Solutions

Petri Maijanen

Entrepreneur, Tinyfee

Kimi Siitari

Entrepreneur, Ninja.fi, Republic of Santa Claus

Aki-Aleksi Pesonen

Entrepreneur, KEVEE Drinks

Jari Malmivaara

Entrepreneur and investor, health and wellness sector services and innovations

Universo Invest Oy

A Finnish, family-run impact investment company

Contact information


Our customer service is here to help if you have a question or need help picking the right bike for you.

Online orders are made in the Vapaus app.



Send us a support request by filling out this form.


Firdonkatu 2 B 3008, 00520 Helsinki. Entrances on Pasilansilta and in the Mall of Tripla shopping centre. Bikes can be left for maintenance daily 06:00 - 23:00.

​Mon - Fri 10:00 - 18:00
Sat 10:00 - 16:00