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The most flexible and sustainable employee bike benefit for HR. The most user-friendly terms for benefit bike users, like you. Always with the option to exchange or return.
bike benefit for employers

For employers

Give your people the employee bike benefit they would choose. Minimum admin work for you. Maximum positive impact on happiness and the environment. Starts at €0 per month.

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benefit bikes for employees

For employees

Get the perfect bicycle for you with minimum upfront investment and risks. Cancel anytime or return/redeem at the end of your leasing contract. Most importantly: discover the joy of cycling.
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1 500+ bike benefit customers

Vapaus - State of benefit bikes in Finland 2024

Our recent research report

State of benefit bikes in Finland 2024

The report “Benefit bikes in Finland 2024” provides comprehensive insight into the experiences, attitudes and behaviour of cycling employees in relation to benefit bikes and cycling.

Benefit bikes in action

Over 1 500 organisations in Finland and the Nordics have chosen Vapaus employee bike benefit and never looked back. See how it’s changed their everyday life.
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The part where we convince you with impressive numbers

In all seriousness, we know from experience that benefit bikes are work-life altering.



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Frequently asked questions

Not sure yet? Check if you can find answers to your concerns below. If not, talk to us.

Employee bike benefit is a way to offer your employees a cost effective and risk-free way to get a bicycle that they can use for any type of riding. Read more about the bike benefit.
A benefit bike is a normal bicycle or e-bike that an entitled employee acquires through a bike benefit leasing contract. Everything you need to know about benefit bikes.
Vapaus benefit bikes have the most flexible terms for employers and employees, including the best bike cancellation coverage on the market. We are a truly sustainable player with green mobility in our DNA. Also, 96% of Vapaus benefit bike users recommend the service. Check pricing and plans.
Super that you want to offer the bike benefit to your employees! Start by sending your basic company information here. We use the information to get a credit decision and speed up the process. After this, we will contact you to set up your bike benefit contract and guideline.
You cannot get a benefit bike before your employer has launched the benefit into use. Don't let this stop you: tell your employer about Vapaus.
Vapaus comes in three service plans. Our Starter plan is completely free for your organisation. Pro and Enterprise plans add a monthly office fee (€12 and €16 respectively) for each active benefit bike contract. See Pricing and plans.
The employee bike benefit is a cost effective way to get even a more expensive bike, like an e-bike, without a large one-time investment. Also, thanks to the tax benefit, you can save up to 30% compared to purchasing the bicycle on your own. Vapaus also has broad cancellation coverage, which means that you are not married to the bike in case you do not vibe with it after all, or if your employment situation changes. Calculate your savings.
Your employer must first have launched the bike benefit into use. If this is the case, you can get a Vapaus benefit bike from a local partner bike shop, selected online stores, or from our Vapaus Precycled bike shop. Regardless of where you want to get the bicycle from, the first step is to create an account in the Vapaus app. See instructions.
You can save up to 30% on the retail (cash) price of the bike, with average savings ranging from 15-25%. Total savings depend on your salary and tax rate as well as the price of your Vapaus bike package (bicycle + equipment) and your bike benefit service plan. The savings come form the tax benefit, meaning that they will realise in a lower tax rate (in case you update it) or in tax returns.
No. You can use your Vapaus benefit bike for anything you like, including leisure rides, hobbies, and commuting, but you do not need to ride one meter to or from your workplace unless you want to.

The right bike for everyone

Vapaus benefit bike users can get their bicycle from a long list of Vapaus partner bike shops and brands. From e-bikes to mountain, gravel, and commuter bikes, there’s a perfect benefit bike for everyone.
Become a vapaus partner bike shop

Become a vapaus partner bike shop

Looking for extra sales and foot traffic in your bike shop? Apply to become a Vapaus partner shop, where benefit bike users can purchase and service their bike.