Make a good move

We are committed to compensating the emissions of our business and to helping customers make the green shift in mobility.


We want our business to have an overall positive impact on the world.

We are dedicated to creating a low-carbon future with our benefit bike service. Cycling as a low-emission mode of transportation helps our customers reduce emissions and comply to EU regulation.

It doesn’t stop there – we also want to contribute to people’s health by revolutionizing the way we commute and move in our daily lives. We aim to affect the wellbeing of millions while creating significant savings in CO2 emissions.

According to The Upright Project’s impartial evaluation, Vapaus’ net-positive impact is greater than that of 99% of companies operating in Finland and globally, both in the mobility sector and other fields.

We take full responsibility for our carbon footprint to ensure that our service has a positive impact on the environment. We commit to making reductions where it is possible and purchase carbon credits equivalent to our remaining emissions. By tracking both our own emissions and the lifecycle emissions of our bikes and contributing to afforestation projects, we ensure that each bike we lease is a benefit to the environment.

We also take responsibility for emissions that we are not yet able to fully avoid by supporting carbon sequestration projects and organizations working towards decreasing emissions from mobility.

Thank you for sharing the journey to a more sustainable and more cycling-friendly world.

A better planet, one kilometer at a time

We love to see statistics like these (from our State of benefit bikes in Finland 2024 research)



of users decreased car use after getting a benefit bike

1 million kg

less CO2-emissions thanks to decreased driving in 2023


of users increased cycling after getting a benefit bike


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Connect with Tatu Mäkilä, our co-founder and Chief Impact Officer to discuss our sustainability initiatives, impact, and potential partnerships.

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Tatu Mäkilä

Co-Founder and Chief Impact Officer

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Our sustainability partners

Upright Project

We have partnered with The Upright Project to measure the net impact of our operations. Our AA (Excellent) rating reveals we are on the right track, but we’ve also identified several areas where we can still improve.

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The Upright Project’s impartial rating for Vapaus’ net-positive impact is higher than 99% of other companies in mobility and other industries.

Study our ESG report to learn more about our sustainability work.