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Service fees start from €14 a month

No hidden costs

€ 14 / month per bike includes VAT, billing costs, customer service for employers and employees, launch, instructional materials, bike handling costs, the Vapaus app, an unlimited number of users, payroll information, consultations and compensation for bike lifecycle emissions. Order employer material.

ADDITINAL SERVICES GIVES flexibility, effectiveness and security

With additional services such as Cancellation Coverage, Extended Warranty and flexible maintenance budget and possible Shared Fleets you create an attractive and cost-effective health benefit for your employees.

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How to get Vapaus benefit bikes?

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We provide you with all the materials you need to make your decision.


A complete service contract that is genuinely comprehensive and does not result in additional expenses or commit you to ordering specific quantities.

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Order a Vapaus Benefit Bike service description and other employer materials to support decision making.


We conducted a survey and the results demonstrate why the benefit is SO VALUABLE!

Employer support matters!

73% of respondents would not have acquired a bike without support from their employer.

42% of respondents did not cycle regularly before getting a benefit bike.

Significantly increases daily exercise

92 % of respondents cycle more on a weekly basis after getting a benefit bike.

56% of respondents reported that benefit bikes have reduced the amount of driving they do on a weekly basis.


The 6 most important reasons to choose Vapaus Employee Benefit Bikes


Service fees start from €14 a month. Additional services increases security in chaging life situtations. E.g. optional Cancellation coverage €2 per bicycle.


The various maintenance budgets that we offer are flexible, meaning that they can be tailored to meet the individual needs of each of your employees.


Optional extended warranty is valid for as long as the employee is using the benefit bike. We handle any claims and refunds for your employees.

4. A tried-and-tested processes

The Vapaus app allows us to work with your payroll department digitally and automatically.

5. Nationwide

Offer your employees equal access to the benefit, in addition to an unlimited selection of bikes, no matter where they are in the country!

6. Ready to go!

A tried-and-tested, ready-to-go service for your employees! All documentation and instructions included.


Fill in the employer information and we'll apply a credit decision for your company and send the contract for digital signing.

We provide all the materials and support to launch the benefit for employees in just a few days.


Support your employees’ wellbeing for less than €0.50 per day!

Benefit bikes provided as part of your employees’ pay reduce your payroll costs by the bike’s taxable value (max. €100 per month). Your employees will also save significantly on their bike purchases, since their taxable income drops by the same amount.

You receive a completely transparent invoice consisting of taxable value + an admin fee of €14 per bicycle per month.

Offer your employees the most low-risk, easy, flexible and comprehensive benefit bike service on the market, as you provide them with a convenient way to commute to work that doesn’t contribute to their carbon footprint.

Indeed, in collaboration with Compensate, we ensure that our carbon offset exceeds the emissions produced when manufacturing and using all of our bikes.

24/7 service

The Vapaus app is a tireless assistant for management, payroll, employees and partners alike. It sends information and prepares contracts automatically.

VAPAUS APP for employersVAPAUS APP for employees


Contact information


Our customer service is here to help if you have a question or need help picking the right bike for you. Online orders are made in the Vapaus app.

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