One reason to take a week of rest and one wish for the next year

Mikko AmpujaMikko Ampuja
Mikko Ampuja

It’s December and you’ve barely started getting in the Xmas or ski season ⛷ mood but we want to remind you that spring is coming and high season is around the corner.

We already know with two years of experience that there will be a lively and fast-paced half-year ahead with the bicycle business and at the same time, we also want to take care of our own staff.

Sometimes resting and recovering can be difficult to define because it can look different for everyone. Rest is any behaviour aimed at increasing physical or mental well-being and we believe it’s more important than ever to advocate for mental health resources and daily routines that promote physical, mental and emotional well-being.

That is why the whole Vapaus team will take a week-long Vapaus-holiday between 24.12.2022−1.1.2023 and step away from the general work stuff, rest and recharge. 💆

We want to build a work environment where there is time for recovery in everyday life, but the seasonal nature of the cycling business cannot be denied yet.

We believe this short break is an investment in the individuals and teams at Vapaus that work passionately with our customers, partners and other stakeholders and we would appreciate your patience and support as we create space for our employees to meet their families, have fun with loved ones, recharge, and come back to work ready to best serve you full of energy when the high season for bikes and cycling starts.

When we thank the most important team, our own employees in this way, we also want to thank all our customers, users, partners and other stakeholders and everyone else who has been following and helping us in our mission to increase cycling in these years. Thank you! 🙏

We believe bicycles can be life-changing.

Regardless of who promotes cycling, we already know that it requires joint efforts. Our mission is to increase cycling for the sake of employee well-being and the environment, but cycling is also helping people conquer the challenge of distance, achieve independence and thrive in rural regions of the world (check out the World Bicycle Relief organization).

Our wish for next year is to see more new cyclists on the roads and more people encouraged to choose cycling instead of private cars, even now and then. We already have positive signals from this as well and we know that cycling is suitable for many people.

The mindset of changing our own mobility habits has already been planted. 🌱

Four wheels move your body, two wheels move your soul.” - Nicola Miller

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